Hello Little Printer

Hello, and happy new year! The second week of 2012 sees us settled in to our new studio. It’s not 100% finished, but good enough for work on Little Printer to begin again in earnest following our Christmas break.

2012 is the year manufacture will begin. Since the announcement last year comments and ideas have been coming in thick and fast.

As you can see from the film, a lot of work on Little Printer has been done already, but much more is still to come. Our focus right now is on the beta product, and getting that into the world and into your hands.

Feature Creep

Our plan for this blog is to share some of the advances and thoughts we have on the journey. It’s a tight schedule (which includes the imminent birth of three real children), and so we can’t promise updates every week. Occasionally we’ll post longer pieces sharing more detailed accounts, and sometimes speedy photographs, or links we’ve gathered along the way.

We can’t share firm dates or prices yet, but rest assured as soon as we have news we’ll announce it, here and via the mailing list.

And finally while we’re on the subject of links and making, Jack and Timo’s piece, ‘Change Through Making’, published in Eye magazine is now available online.