Little Printer on the road

I spent most of January on the road in the US taking Little Printer to meet new friends. I was in Portland, Las Vegas (for the Consumer Electronics Show), San Francisco/the Bay Area, and New York.

People took lots of pictures like this on Instagram:

Dens' Little Printer Instagram

(this is @dens from when I visited foursquare, one of our launch partners)

And here’s a picture from a @hondanhon, also on Instagram, testing the personal message functionality when I visited W+K:

Dan Hon's Little Printer Instagram

There were even ad hoc demos. Total coincidence: I ran into Caterina Fake at SFO. She was very kind to give Little Printer a ride into the city. I got to tag along too. Caterina took a photo of us:

Matt Webb and Little Printer

You can see the fancy metal case I travelled with. This is the pre-production model that appeared in the announcement film. You can bet the case never left my side.

So what did I learn?

Mainly, everyone loves LP, which is awesome. Every meeting I had, folks were bubbling with ideas with how their publications and services could appear on Little Printer. And that was the main purpose of the trip, for us to understand how people would like to develop for our product.

So as a result of the excitement we’re accelerating our development of the publishers API. We’re prioritising making Little Printer as easy as possible for publishers and service operators to integrate with their services. In the conversations I had – and in the emails we’ve received at - we swapped a whole bunch of cool and unconventional ideas for using Little Printer. We’d like to see LP in all kinds of places and we’re excited that people could express themselves with all sorts of uses. That’s another reason for the API.

In answer to the usual frequently asked questions: no we’ve not announced a launch date or price yet. Watch this space!