Little Printer – Now Available to Pre-order!

Little Printer

It’s been an amazing few months in the studio. Since we made the announcement last November, Little Printer has received loads of attention. The introductory video received half a million views in the first five days alone. Over 60,000 of you signed up to hear news, and we’re very happy to be able to bring you some.

For eight months we’ve been getting a mirror finish on the plastic, folding steel, fixing radio interference bugs (there are some war stories there), designing characters, creating beautiful packaging, making the best possible API for developers, getting set up with credit cards… and today, finally, we’re manufacturing. Which means:

Little Printer can now be pre-ordered from the BERG Cloud shop!


  • Subscribe to publications like news headlines, puzzles, and your friends’ birthdays from publishers including foursquare, Google, and the Guardian
  • Receive printed, direct messages from your friends via Little Printer
  • And a new one! Choose from one of four characters to bring your daily news. Little Printer prints its own face!

Read more about Little Printer’s features here.

Little Printer is £199 GBP ($259 USD) plus shipping.

We’re shipping Little Printer in 60 days*. The first run is big but fixed-size to warm up the factories. Then we have a second, unlimited run some weeks later as we move to a regular production cycle.

If you’re a developer, publisher or website owner, you have 60 days to produce bespoke publications for Little Printer! It’s easy, and won’t take long, seriously. Our Publisher’s Handbook is available to download now.

Pre-order Little Printer in the UK and EU or the USA and Canada

* Update 28.09.12: the shipping date for Little Printer has changed to late November. More details.