What We Do On Fridays

What is it with Fridays? I used to work at a company that brought DJs in on a Friday afternoon. Everyone would leave their desks and migrate to the corner of the office, where they’d bounce up and down, drink Jaegermeister, blow whistles and shout. Then they’d leave for the weekend, presumably to carry on in the same fashion. I also know someone who has a “Cake Friday” at their job, which isn’t as impressive, but it is easier to justify.

At BERG we have Friday Demos, where is where people get to show off the things they’ve been working on during the week. There’s usually four or five projects active at any one time, and Friday Demos let those who’ve been working on one to catch up with progress on another. You’re often seeing people’s projects for the first time, so it’s exciting.

At Friday Demos today, Nick showed off an experiment with direct messaging. This is what we’re launching with:

Little Lizard Print

It’s text only, but it’s nicely designed!

Prototype direct messaging with pictures
In Nick’s experiment, he’s hacked the app so it takes a photo, which you can attach to the message. We’re not sure when or if we’ll launch this, but it definitely won’t be for version one, because we don’t have time. But it’s a lot of fun, and I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing it!

Some of us have been playing around with the app, wandering round and taking pictures of anyone and anything.

Little Photos

You choose from a series of filters to ensure what you’re shooting is best optimised for output on Little Printer, but there’s minimal guesswork involved — point your phone at whatever you want to photograph, and you can preview and adjust what the filters are doing even before you take the photo and send the message.

I grabbed Nick after Demos had finished and got him to run through the process.