School Report

Alice hosted the first Little Printer After School Club last night. People came, and there was pizza.

Lots of printing was done. Those who attended got to play around with the printers, to try things out, to talk to other people working on Little Printer publications, and to learn a little from the experience.

Some people came for a little bit, and some people came for a longer time. We liked the relaxed “pop by for a chat” type of set-up. It seemed to work really well.

So there’ll be another one next Wednesday (3 October), again at our studio in Old Street. If you’re working on a publication and this sounds like fun, drop an e-mail to, and we’ll get back to you with more details. We found that we can comfortably fit ten people around our long red table, so we’ll keep the numbers roughly to that.

We got a lot out of the night, too. Three bug tickets were filed against our developer tools, and Alice is fixing them right now.

Finally, here’s a couple of Instragram pics from the night. The publication on the left is One Down from The Times, which was put together by David Somers and Alex Muller and looks awesome. And on the right, the hacking crew hard at work. Looks like the pizza has already disappeared.

Afterschool Club

—FL & AB