We’re Shipping!

A year ago we announced Little Printer. We kicked off with a blog post and posted a video featuring a prototype.

Today, we’re delighted to announce that the real thing is about to start shipping. We’re really thrilled to have reached this point, and would like to thank you for your support and patience.

We’d also like to thank those who’ve played a part in getting us here. This includes our launch partners at Google, the Guardian, foursquare and Arup; the publishers who’ve come up with our amazing, useful, delightful publications; those who’ve been part of the supply chain, from sourcing to shipping, from production to packaging; anyone who’s given us their time and expertise; and everyone who’s talked about Little Printer, from tiny blogs to giant news corporations. Thank you.

And while this moment almost feels like the end of something, it’s actually just the beginning.

We’re really excited that Little Printer will be soon be sitting in people’s homes. We’re interested to learn what you subscribe to. We can’t wait to make more publications available. We’re working very hard to bring you more, and to develop Little Printer and BERG Cloud further.

But most of all, we really hope you enjoy Little Printer’s company.

—BERG Cloud Team