Reasons to be Cheerful

With Little Printer arriving in people’s homes, we’ve spent the last week: monitoring, making small tweaks, monitoring some more, tweaking further, answering a few queries, fixing bugs, and grappling with the postal system in December.

Here are some other things that have happened.

1. Little Printer has finished shipping. If you’re expecting a delivery and haven’t received a tracking code, drop an e-mail to with your order details, and we’ll see if we can fill in the gaps.

2. People are beginning to explore. Here’s Dan Catt’s guide to his first 24 hours with Little Printer. Dan’s also built a very clever (and officially unofficial) tool for sending content to Little Printer by e-mail, using an equally unofficial Little Printer IFTTT channel. We like this very much.

3. People are beginning to build things. Alex Forey has developed a PHP framework for Little Printer publications, which you can find on Github, while Alastair Tse has produced a demo publication hosted on Google AppEngine. I’m going to ask Alice to write more about this kind of thing, because it’s really important, so watch out for that.

5. People are testing the developer tools with their own Little Printers!

4. We’re seeing some nice pictures of Little Printers in their new home. Here are a few.

5. Mark and Simon showed Little Printer off at Most Contagious 2012, an event featuring all kinds of exciting and clever things. Our friends at MakieLab were also there. It’s inspiring to see their beautiful dolls on display, blurring the distinction between on and offline in the same way that Little Printer does.

6. We’ve had some amazing feedback about Little Printer’s packaging, and there’s lots of photos on the web of Little Printer being unboxed. If you’re determined to avoid these until you unbox your own, you should ignore the next link, which is all about the packaging.

7. If you’re in New York, you’ll find a Little Printer on display at the Wired Pop-Up Store at 583 Broadway (between Prince St & Houston St), which is open until 23 December.

Thanks to @tiendademedusas, Anthony Burrill, @Kevin_Paro, @karllinder, @kmile and @DriesDeRoeck for the pictures. Keep them coming!