New Publications: Lots Of Them

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about new publications.

So here are some of the publications we’ve added since the last time we talked about publications.

Photojojo’s Guide To Phoneography
We love Photojojo. According to their website, they offer “the best photo tips, DIY projects, and gear in the whole wide world!”, and now they’ve gone and made an official Little Printer publication. It’s brilliant.

Do I Need My Umbrella?
We’ve had several American Little Printer owners point out that our Weather Forecast publication lists temperatures in °C rather than °F, and that’s something we’re going to fix very shortly. In the meantime, this new weather publication, made by J.D. Hollis and Mayo Nissen using the Dark Sky API, is US-specific, and redresses the balance somewhat.

This is just one of those things that works delightfully with Little Printer — Nick O’Leary has made a daily, randomly-generated maze for subscribers to complete.

A Song A Day
Delivers a daily, hand-picked song from someone on This Is My Jam. If you have a TIMJ account, you can get recommendations from friends. Built by Amos Jackson.

Glyph arrives every Saturday, and is described as a “Tiny Tome On Typography”. For anyone interested in fonts, or in the way type is displayed, it’s a beautifully put together, genuinely interesting publication. Glyph was put together by Christopher Murphy and Chris Shiflett.

StaTube Weekend
The sequel to Simon Saint’s earlier Statube publication, this version warns London residents about planned engineering works affecting the Underground lines they use. At the weekend.

A publication for star-gazers, Constellatio delivers one of the eighty-eight modern constellations every week. It includes some useful information and an image of the constellation to make identification easier, and was made by physicist and teacher Alby Reid.

Was Geschah Am…?
One of our most popular publications is “On This Day”, which teaches history by delivering daily notifications about events from the past. Was Geshchah Am…? from Stefan Wolfrum does the same, but for those who prefer their history in German.

Fokke & Sukke
Possibly for adults only, this legendary Dutch cartoon starring a duck and a canary has been around for nearly 20 years. They don’t wear pants. And now they’ve turned up on Little Printer, courtesy of Jules Janssen.

And that’s not all. We’ve got a publication that reveals the current population of the World. One that lists the hottest titles available for the Kindle. Another that provides news headlines in Dutch. Something for people interested in ham radio. A publication that reveals the top tweets from your friends on Twitter. Three new publications from the good people at Papadakis. A weekly limerick for baseball fans. We’ve also added LittleDraw, a drawing game for children, and Letter by Letter, which is also aimed at kids. So thank you to Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Cally Gatehouse, Wolfgang Sontag, Landry Schmitt, John Alexander, David Wilkinson and Daniel Hertz for all your hard work. We really appreciate it!

There are still plenty of gaps, but we’re adding more all the time. And in February we’ll be sending the first of our monthly e-mails keeping Little Printer owners up-to-date with all things Little Printer, including details of new publications we’ve added to the system.

If you’re a developer or publisher and are wondering why we don’t have a publication devoted to recipes, or shopping lists, or football, or anything else you’re interested in that isn’t covered at the moment, take a look at our developer tools. There’s a lots of data sources and public APIs you can work with. Put it all together, and it could be your publication people subscribe to.