Little Printer Hack Day

On Saturday March 2nd we’ll be hosting our second ever hack day. The last one was a lot of fun and really helped to shape our developer tools. We hope this one will be as useful!

Here’s a couple of things we’ve been thinking about.

We want developers and designers to come. Some of the most interesting publications we’ve seen have been collaborations. The best Little Printer publications are clever and beautiful.

Although Little Printer publications are just tiny web pages relying on traditional web technology, some of the best publications are those that make real use of the paper, and don’t actually work so well online.

So how’s it going to work?

You can be a developer with limited design skills, or a designer who doesn’t code, or something in-between. Either way, it’ll be easy to get involved. We do have two ticket types, but only because we’d prefer a reasonable balance, not because we’re being strict about the numbers from either group.

You’ll come to our studio on the 2nd. We’ll give a brief overview of our developer tools, and we’ll chat about what we think makes a good publication. There’ll be an opportunity to pair up with other people if you want, or you can remain solo. We’ll provide lunch, and at the end of the day there will be a bit of time to present what you’ve made.

Our studio has pretty strict fire regulations, so we’re limiting the number of spaces available for this event to 40, and won’t admit anyone who doesn’t have a ticket.

If all of this sounds good to you, then you can sign up on eventbrite.