Little Printer: scaling up, and a price drop!

Little Printer is scaling up! We’re significantly increasing the size of the next manufacturing run.

In the short-term, this means that the second production run will be shipping later that we’d hoped. We’re now looking at July this year, although we’re working to bring this forward.

In the long-term, this means we’ll be able to fulfil more orders, more quickly. And more Little Printers in more homes means more resources devoted towards making ownership a rewarding, delightful, surprising experience. We’ve got a lot planned, and it’s going to be a fun journey!

Scaling up has has also enabled us to reduce the price, from £199/$259 to £169/$219.

Just for February, we are offering a further price reduction, to £149/$199. Click here to order Little Printer at this price.

Anyone who’s placed an order since the first production run sold out has been contacted, and a refund to cover the price difference will be issued.

In other news, if your Little Printer has already printed something today (Valentine’s Day!), you’ll have spotted that things are a little different from yesterday. We won’t spoil the surprise in case you haven’t printed yet, but we’ve also introduced a romantically-themed messaging style just for the day. You can access this by going to the messaging page in Remote, and selecting the “Valentine” style from the drop-down.

And that’s not all.

We’ve been noticing a few changes over the past week or so with our own printers. It would appear that their hair is growing! Should you spot the same thing and feel like catching it before things get out of hand, head to Remote, go to PREFERENCES > APPEARANCE, and give it a trim.

Here’s something else that’s new: Alice has tweaked the messaging set-up so you can insert line breaks in messages you send to Little Printer (this doesn’t work with the ‘Poster’ messaging style, in case you’re wondering, but that’s deliberate).

And finally, a quick mention for a new publication we like from Amos Jackson. A sequel to his Song A Day publication, Pop Charts delivers an extremely handy, pin-to-the-fridge list of the top five downloads from your local iTunes Store every Friday. Very useful.