Chronodex and Little Printer

This is new. It’s the Chronodex publication for Little Printer.

The Chronodex Visual Scheduler (and the Chronodex publication) was created by Patrick NG. It’s a way of representing time in a way that doesn’t conform to the normal, inflexible grid structure. Instead, every day is presented like a flower, with each chunk of time depicted by a petal-like slice. It’s rather beautiful, and has developed something of an enthusiastic following across the globe. There’s a Facebook Group, of course, and a Flickr Pool.

People have done some really awesome things using Chronodex. An embryologist traveling on his motorcycle with wife and three French bulldogs used it to plan his trips. One dyslexic user modified the system after finding it useful. Linda from Korea and Chan from Taiwan made rubber stamp versions. It’s been adapted for Filofax and prompted instructional videos. The Russians made a 3D graphical version, while the Australians took the idea and modified it into something called the Spiraldex.

And now it’s a Little Printer publication.

We asked Patrick what he thought about Little Printer, and why he created the publication. He writes:

“Little Printer offers tiny pleasures, delivered to you bit-by-bit, non-intrusively. These small chunks of fun and occasional cuteness (like the haircut thing) makes a big difference to our modern lives, in a somewhat analogue way. It’s a connected device, yet it’s paper based… and aren’t we still fascinated by things like ticker tape machines, and ambient devices which take bits of information like signals and rss feeds and translate them into something you can touch, see and feel? The best thing about Little Printer is that I get to carry the printout with me and enjoy something analogue during my commute. It really is a conversation starter!

“The Chronodex publication gives you the chance to look at things differently. It’s a slip of paper you carry. You can lose it, you can put your shopping list on it, you can specify a casual timeslot for thinking, you can write down ideas while travelling, you can even use it as a meeting reminder and stick it on your colleague’s monitor. I believe writing down something and having fun at the same time helps creativity a lot!”

It also looks really, really nice.

Thanks Patrick!