Friday Links

Gentle Reader,

Since joining Berg in January 2010, I have written 30 blog posts on the Berg London blog. This is my first and shall be my last entry on the BergCloud blog, since today is my last day as Studio Manager. New adventures await me, but I shall leave you with a little taste of what’s been grabbing the attention of my esteemed colleagues (whom, it must be said, I shall miss terribly) over the last week or two.

I have been having a great time experimenting with this play-in-your-browser theremin that Adam alerted us to.

Joe found this collection of gifs made to look 3D by simply adding a vertical white line or two.

Andy brought to our attention this nifty door. (Shame about the creaky floorboards…)

And because the studio list has frankly been a little quiet lately (we’ve been BUSY and preoccupied), I’m going to round this out by stealing a couple of links that came over the Twitters from former Bergians.

Via Simon Pearson, a first edition tiny engineer superhero emergency kit for all those times when you desperately need a 1KOhm resistor to fix an amplifier at a party. The kit was made by another friend of Berg, Saar Drimer.

And finally, via Tom Armitage, a very cool Arduino thing: using a piano keyboard as a controller for an XBox360.

It’s been real, y’all. Enjoy your Friday and peace out!