Friday Links

I’ve always wanted to write Friday Links, but the other Berglets have always appeared reluctant to hand over the keys to the links cabinet. So I snuck in, after hours, broke down the door, and compiled a list of what’s been keeping the studio entertained and educated this week.

1. Helen shared an ever-changing map of Europe’s borders. The dates should be taken with a small pinch of salt, but the transformation is stunning and the soundtrack suitably epic.

2. Phil recommended TileArray, which takes a photo and recreates it as a photo mosaic made from album sleeves. So here’s a picture of Phil, in which his face is literally made out of Elton John, Westlife and more. Nice one, Phil!


3. I liked this visualisation of European air traffic over a 24-hour period. The video was made by NATS, who describe themselves as “the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services”. Judging by the amount of traffic in the video (it’s quite terrifying, frankly), I’d say they were doing a very good job indeed.

4. Nick liked this video so much he posted it onto the twitters.

This, of course, was shared just two days before news broke that Facebook had purchased Oculus Rift for a fiver, prompting an unparalleled gnashing of teeth throughout social media. Personally, I think the outcome could be a) bad, b) good, or c) somewhere in-between. But what do I know?

5. Finally, a bit of music. This is Essa. He’s very good, and he’ll be performing at the Jazz Cafe in London’s swinging Camden precinct on 23 April. I’ll see you down the front.

Bonus track. Joe insisted we include this. “Really cool vid”, he says. “I can’t get the song out of my head”. Timo likes it too, and he’s well hard, so I’m not going to argue.