Devshields back in stock


With the V2 beta, we’ve got a ton of emails asking when the Devshields will be back in stock…

With our platform, you control and manage your connected devices using simple web APIs. With Berg V2, the Cloud API and Device API are simpler, more powerful, and FAST. Read more here. The easiest way to get prototyping is with the Devshield. Connect the Devshield to your Arduino, ARM mbed, or Raspberry Pi, and get started!

It’s been tricky. We sold out of Devshields. Ordered more. Then our supplier was having trouble with a component shortage. Wait wait wait. But demand was hotting up, so we begged and cajoled the factory, aaaaand so:

Devshields are ready to ship on May 2nd, and available to order now!

Check out the Berg store to order your Devshield or Devkits. (Devkits include two shields, a Bridge, and all necessary cables and power supplies.)