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Friday Links

The slightly out-of-date rota on the wall indicates that it’s my turn to collate the links that have floated round the office this week, my first and last “Friday Links” post. So, with the further ado now done…

Link one: There’s always news about other new tools for the Internet Of Thingummies, and this week we saw this Fast Company article, whose lede is “The littleBits Cloud Module – debuted at TED – lets you create your very own objects that are part of the larger Internet of Things.”

Link two: Those of us who drink coffee sometimes drink coffee from the beans that arrive regularly from Pact Coffee. But that’s not the link! This is the link… they use Typeform (that’s the link) to make their online surveys and we like how simple and attractive it looks.

Link three: One of our Little Printer (no, not that link) publications is the Mr Men & Little Miss (no) publication and we liked this photo (yes) of a collection of coloured-in printouts by “jujudivine”.

A picture: The following image was shared with the office email list this week:


Most people have now been gently coaxed away from their screens, showered, fed, and will soon be back among the productive population. If you gaze into this hard enough you can, I think, see a unicorn flying over a double rainbow to an internet-connected pot of gold.