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Friday Links

Hello everyone! This is my first Friday Links. Although this week you could be forgiven for calling them Andy Links! Three out of the four have his name on em. Here goes…

First up we had these Roentgen objects - amazing transforming furniture recently exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Beautiful hidden mechanism on show in the video. It made Denise think of a real life version of The Room.

Next was a fantastic video showing a robotic arm in action – in this case doing a little bit of large scale multi axis 3D printing in metal!

You might have caught this already but here’s a link to a great Horizon programme summarising the ideas of Daniel Kahneman. His book, Thinking Fast and Slow, is a good read too. 

And finally, a smart way to increase the graphical real estate of a sign, by illuminating with red, green and blue to bring out different elements. As shown in this billboard for IKEA. Nice!

Have a lovely weekend.