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Berg V2 beta: New Cloud API and new Device API

We’ve just shipped V2 of our APIs — if you create a new project in the Dev Center you can choose V2 and get access to… well, a whole ton of new stuff.

Simpler. Faster. More flexible.

Berg is the missing link. You’ve got the hardware. You’ve built the website. We do the rest. Add web connectivity to your Arduino with our Devshields. Then message and manage all your connected devices with the Cloud API, using familiar JSON. Once you go to production, we’ll supply client libraries so you can move – with no changes – to your preferred wireless solution. Berg is already being used to run thousands of Little Printers, and we’ve been collecting feedback from developers using V1 of the platform. Today we’re shipping the beta of V2, for Arduino, ARM mbed, and Raspberry Pi.

Here are the highlights:

  • New Cloud API! Simpler, more powerful. Claim devices, list devices, send commands, and poll for events, all through the complete REST API. No requirement for your users to visit Berg’s website… you handle claim codes directly. Easy development because you can operate the API entirely through the command line. And, when you’re ready, webhooks to get events from your devices quick.
  • New Device API! Now when your hardware sends an event, you simply call BERGCloud.sendEvent("my-event", payload), and the event name and payload get sent directly to your back-end web service. The same for receiving commands… no more having to define identifiers for commands and events in the Dev Center and at the top of your Arduino projects. Much easier.
  • New dev tools in Manage Projects to claim devices, and simulate commands and webhooks while you’re in development.
  • Way, way faster! An upgrade to the Bridge software as part of the Devkit that makes commands and events almost instantaneous: Underneath the new APIs, the platform is now using websockets, so you no longer have to wait several seconds for commands to travel from the web to your devices.

The upgrade guide has all the details.

We’re excited about this release. While the recent Dev Center refresh was about simplifying, this release is getting simpler still, adding flexibility to the Cloud API, and speed… all in response to feedback from our developers.

The new APIs are currently in “beta.”

So read the docs, make a new V2 project, have a go and let us know what you think!

What’s next? Well, these new APIs lay the groundwork for new ways to connect to Berg (coming soon). And we’ll keep pushing towards our goals for the Berg platform, to make it:

  • dead simple to understand
  • dead simple to use
  • time-saving for developers of connected hardware
  • a place that brings hardware makers and web developers together

Thanks for the feedback, and keep telling us what you need.

Getting there!

Dev Center refresh

We’ve just rolled out a refreshed Dev Center! If you take a look at Manage Projects, you’ll notice some changes. “Manage Projects” is where developers create projects to connect devices to the Berg platform, and where the developer tools live. The refresh follows on from the recent reference documentation refresh.

A quick run-down of what’s changed:

  • “Manage Projects” (previously “Your Projects”) is now in the new look and feel
  • Sign in/Sign up is now part of the Dev Center. Previously all user account management happened through Remote, the mobile website used to interact with Berg-enabled products (specifically Little Printer). We’re reducing our reliance on Remote
  • The “Guest Projects” feature has been removed. Now to debug a device connecting to Berg, you must own the project it’s a part of
  • The “Collaborators” feature has been removed. To manage a project, sign in as the user who created the project
  • The functionality to manage commands and events has been re-organised into three pages: Define, Monitor, and Send
  • The “Little Counter” tutorial documentation has been updated to the refer to the new site

There’s also been a lot of behind-the-scenes work to prepare for upcoming updates to the Device API and the Cloud API (simplifying and adding features to both), and new ways to connect to the platform (there’s some urgency because we sold out of v1 Devshields this week).

Our goals are to make the Berg platform

  • dead simple to understand
  • dead simple to use
  • time-saving for developers of connected hardware
  • a place that brings hardware makers and web developers together

This new release simplifies the dev tools, and lays the groundwork for simplifying the various platform APIs.

Getting there!